Invigorating Awapuhi Protein – 4oz


Leaves your hair soft and shiny without harsh chemicals.


Invigorating Awapuhi Protein Spray it’s an excellent natural choice, as it will make your hair soft and shinywithout all of the harsh chemicals such as relaxers, color, highlights and bleaching. Awapuhi is ideal for brittle, sun-damaged, naturally dry hair, or chemically treated hair. Awapuhi rebuildsthe hair shaft without chemicals and harsh ingredients while locking in hydration. It leaves the hair soft, more manageable and frizz free with a natural shine. Invigorating Awapuhi Protein Spray can be used before wig fitting, weaves and sew-ins, as well as promoting hair growth and preventing tangles.

How To

After shampooing hair with Kiwi Clarifying Shampoo, towel dry. Apply adequate amount of Awapuhi Protein Spray to hair and comb from roots to end.Cover all hair with plastic cap and place under dryer for 15-30 minutes depending on thickness or texture of hair. Remove the cap and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes then rinse with cool water. Apply Hair Nourishment and comb through. Blow dry or place under dryer to dry completely to avoid stretching hair.

NOTE: On Relaxed and Color-Treated hair DO NOT Blow Dry Hair.To maintain moisture and for thermal protection, use a 1-2 drops of 5 Essentials. Flat Iron using temperature from 375 -450 degrees, depending on texture.Extremely damaged hair may require a 2nd treatment in 2 weeks.



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